Hello world!

My very first blog. This is exciting I get to blog about my adventures and insights! This has been burning on my heart for the last year so its time to start writing.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day.  This is the first Mother’s Day without my Mom. I remember last year how my cousin and I were able to bless her and make her some yummy fish. It has not been easy losing my Mom. I guess there will always be the “I wonder if I should have, could have” but I know I cannot live with the ‘what ifs.’ I have to cherish the memories I had with her and the ways I was able to bless her.  I look back to a year ago and she gave me a plant she had kept alive since the day I was born. She brought it over to my house and gave it to me to take care of. I always told her I don’t want the plant until I have a house and have room to take care of it. She gave it to me as a gift and now I can keep the plant alive in honor of her. Little things like that mean so much more than what money can buy. I miss her even now as I write this. The one lesson through her passing, never take for granted the times you have with your Mom. Make good memories for that is what you will carry with you when they are gone. I love her so much!

Mom & I
Mom & I our last Mother’s Day together 5/14

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