Empty Me

As I remove the distractions around me, I take a moment to reflect on the goodness of the Lord. I am not worthy, but He pours out His blessings. My prayer is God would fill me up and I desire nothing this world has to offer. He alone satisfies the longings of our hearts. I empty myself so He can fill me up again. His passions, His desires is what my heart truly longs for. I pray I can cry again with those that are mourning. My heart will no longer be numb to pain as I have gone through many battles. I pray I can feel the heartbeat of the Lord. I hear only His voice in a world raging against God’s standards. I pray we not drown out the voices of the hurting, the lonely, the brokenhearted, the homeless.

In a world filled with me first and you last, I pray I can learn to put others before my own needs. Many years ago, I felt the fire of the Lord and nothing else mattered. I pray I come back to my first love and God’s Word says NOTHING will separate me from the Love of Christ. In having plenty or in having nothing, I am His daughter and no man, woman or life event will ever take me away from my Father, God. He alone is all I need. I no longer have a father or mother to guide me and yes, I am an orphan but I am His daughter. The beauty is, He alone pours out blessings. No man, woman, parent, friend or anyone can ever give us the desires of our hearts. He is the only one that can open doors and close them. He has the power to heal the sick, to pour out financial blessings no corporation or anyone or anything can ever give what He alone can give. There is such beauty in knowing He is with me and when its time for me to die, I will be in His presence and see my Papa face to face. I am an overcomer and so are you. When that time comes, I long to be in my Papa’s arms. I long to be with Him. For now, I will remain in Him not allowing this world and the cares and keeping up with the jones to occupy my heart. My heart is not of this world you see. My eyes are fixed on souls making it up to heaven. My heart is fixed and NOTHING WILL EVER TAKE ME FROM MY PAPA. No gossip, no sickness, no death, no loss of friends. He alone is my rest. People will fail us. Spouses cannot fill every longing in our hearts. Parents cannot be God. No person or thing can ever fill this emptiness we all have. As much as we can pretend life is perfect, I know its not and the facade and mask will come off in time. And when the mask comes off, it will be alot easier for me to love you. In my adult years, I have no patience for fake ness and the facade society lives in. As a Christian, I struggle loving fake people. Crazy I know Lol I just don’t have time for a fantasy world. God has to help me love those folks that are conniving and have ugly hearts. This is my inner battle loving others no matter how ugly their hearts are.

My prayer is that I am emptied from all that doesn’t matter. I thought of my Mom the other day. How beautiful it is that she is up in heaven, smiling and has no more tears, no cares. She is with Jesus. I miss her so I wish I could hug her again and call her on the phone. It is the living that are sad for those that have passed on. Those that are gone and have received Jesus as their Lord and Savior are up in Heaven and how wonderful I will see her again.

Come Lord have your way in my fleshly nature. Empty me of all that is not of you Lord and fill me with your Presence, Your Love for others. Help me to feel again Lord.

One of my worship songs I love:

Lyrics by Jesus Culture “I Want to Know You”

I want to know you

Let your Spirit overwhelm me

Let your Presence overtake my heart




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