The Wild and Adventurous Heart

I am a woman that lives freely from the heart. There are no boundaries, no places the human heart cannot go. We must choose to go deeper, we must choose to step into the adventures God has placed inside each of us. It is blindly stepping forward into the unknown we reach destinations we never thought were possible. I hope as you read my blogs, you come away with being able to connect heart to heart with a raw, realness to the everyday joys and struggles of life. I pray you are filled with a new sense of purpose as you learn to dream again. Whatever the Lord has given you as a talent, use it not for your glory but for the Lord. There are people that need you, your gifts and talents. Open your heart to the good in others and learn to trust and love again. That is my prayer for all of us including me.

One thought on “The Wild and Adventurous Heart

  1. I love the wild and adventurous heart vision. You touch our hearts and inspire with words. Your blog gives us insight to pain and love. Keep sharing your voice!


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